A Classic New Look

Posted by on Apr 2, 2014 in The Winemaker's Journal, Winery

Classic New Look

The CLASSIC COLLECTION produced by Malta’s most-awarded winemaker Emmanuel Delicata is undergoing an eye-catching transformation to celebrate the wines’ 21st birthday.

This extremely popular choice of wines was first launched in 1993. The wines were amongst the first available mono-varietal wines made in Malta and proved to be a stepping stone for the Maltese wine industry.

All seven Classic Collection wines of the latest 2013 vintage (which will roll out the Delicata winery in the next few weeks) have now been re-packaged.

The logo eyes appealingly contemporary on the freshened-up label that adorns the new bottle which is transparent for the white wines so as to show off the crisp colour and freshness of the wine behind it. Although the seven wines now come sealed with a convenient, easy-to-open screw-cap closure, all bottles (except 18.75 cl) remain eco-friendly returnable.

Delicata’s Classic Collection are easy-drinking, unoaked wines with clear varietal characteristics.

The collection includes four dry whites named Donato Chardonnay, Cavalli Sauvignon Blanc, Gabrieli Pinot Grigio and now Landini Vermentino. The two medium-bodied reds are favourites Carissimi Cabernet Sauvignon and Marenzio Merlot whereas the sweet wine is called Casella Moscato.

Whilst the packaging has changed, each wine offers the same great value and drinking pleasure.

Once a Classic, Always a Classic!