A Maltese family’s commitment to Maltese heritage wines

Making great wines requires passion and perseverance. And it calls for investment in craftsmanship. No easy way out, it’s a family’s engagement, the commitment of the Delicata family spanning four generations of winemaking.

Our story begins more than 100 years ago, when a general practitioner named Eduardo Delicata pursued a second lifelong creative passion: winemaking. Delicata’s roots go back to as early as 1907. All this time, for over one century, the company has remained in the capable hands of the proprietor Delicata family who still runs what is arguably Malta’s most successful winery with no less than 83 international awards under their winemaker’s belt to show for.

The history of winemaking in Malta, the world’s smallest wine-producing country, is a long and winding road with many challenging turns. The Delicata winery has taken each one of them with confidence by always planning and investing ahead of time. Only in the last 20 years winemaking in Malta has gone through a revival. It is the Delicata winery that has earned the reputation for being firmly at the forefront of that transformation.

Since then, we at Delicata have initiated a renewed pledge to modern winemaking. Our wines reflect everything a modern wine consumer requires, fruit-driven fresh wines that offer flavour, consistency and quality, made to the regulations of the appellation system introduced in 2007.

Today, Delicata’s portfolio of wines is close to scoring a century of international awards including Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in Bordeaux, Burgundy and London. Modern technology combined with experience and due diligence gives our unique wines an exciting hallmark, a new ‘Fresh Taste of Malta’.

Recently, fourth-generation winemakers Mario, Michael and Matthew have joined their father George Delicata at the winery’s helm. Together in unison they are poised to keep alive the Delicata legacy of crafting fine Maltese heritage wines of pedigree. As they say “true colours shine” and Delicata’s Tyrian purple and regal golden-yellow, the company’s colours reflecting Mediterranean virtues and excellence, are shining brighter than ever.

Critical Acclaim

Perhaps it’s because we are deeply rooted that the team at Delicata has kept their feet firmly on the ground, listening to all stakeholders and many repeat customers in Malta and Gozo as well as overseas. As a result of the winery’s plan for continuous improvement in the vineyard and in the cellar, the Delicata winery has made strides forward which have not gone unnoticed by some of the world’s foremost wine critics. All of us at Delicata are proud of  and thankful for all praise and critical acclaim received over the years. May we continue to add to our roll of awards

"Quality standards in Delicata are very high. There are documented procedures and monitoring systems in all areas."

David Bird MW, Technical Audit Report

"Today, there are signs of local pride - as shown by the efforts of the Delicata Winery."

Robert Joseph, The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Wine

"All of Delicata wines are well made (...) They are all good and fruity and definitely deserve the awards they received. Well done."

Charles Metcalfe, wine journalist and founder of IWC

Here, (at Delicata) a mood of ambitious experimentation is in the air, appreciable in the rainbow palette of international varieties going through the presses. Sangiovese, Grenache, Vermentino, Zibibbo and Viognier supplement the usual suspects.

Stuart Walton, Wine Magazine


"Gran Cavalier Syrah and Gran Cavalier Chardonnay are wines to watch out for. Both are fruit-driven and extremely fresh examples of what the Emmanuel Delicata winery is now producing."

Matthew Nugent, The Evening Herald

"One of the major influences on the Maltese wine industry, Emmanuel Delicata has helped bring modern technology and vineyard upgrading to the Islands."

Decanter Magazine

"Emmanuel Delicata has revolutionised his local growing methods in order to produce wines of international quality."

Harpers Magazine

"The wines, not to equivocate, are excellent."

Malcolm Gluck, The Guardian

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