Delicata’s Eco-Friendly Bottles

Posted by on Jun 3, 2016 in The Winemaker's Journal, Winery


Refund back label wine

Delicata’s eco-friendly returnable bottles are easily recognisable.

These days, in a culture where nearly everything is disposable, the decision of whether or not to toss tradition into the garbage bin is an easy one for Malta’s foremost winery, Emmanuel Delicata Winemaker.

The winery has been collecting its reusable wine bottles for generations and the l09-year-old, family-owned Maltese winery appeals more than ever to its many customers to keep on returning thousands of empty wine bottles every day.

In fact, recently investments were made in up-to-the-minute specialised bottle line equipment to facilitate the automated removal of the sleeves of screwcaps from the neck of the bottles of the Green and Red Label brand as well as the award-winning Classic Collection so as to be able to also reuse this new type of bottle.

For wine drinkers that are new to Delicata wines, it is worthwhile pointing out that they are charged a deposit of one Euro-quarter for each returnable, reusable bottle purchased which is refunded entirely when the empty bottle is handed back in at the shop. Delicata’s reusable bottles are clearly marked on the back label which either reads “Return for €0.25 refund of bottle deposit” or depicts the “ECO friendly returnable bottle” logo.