Delicata is the chosen wine supplier for all in-flight services of the national airliner Air Malta.
Other exclusives and buyer-own-brands include the Maltese Falcon (which is only available to the on-trade in Malta), Blue Creek and the Malta Cross Bottle (two brands produced for the Nuance Group) as well as Bodvar of Sweden Lifestyle Rose (Malta's most successful exported wine to Sweden).

Press Maltese Cross


As a leading travel retailer, Nuance operates 72000 square metres of retail space spanning 64 locations in 19 countries and territories across the globe. In addition to an extensive portfolio of duty and tax-free stores, brand boutiques and concept stores, the Group also provides in-flight services and operates a wholesale and distribution business, supporting the travel retail sector. With headquarters in Zurich, the Nuance Group employs over 5000 people worldwide.

The company contacted Delicata’s in-house team who consulted and brought the concept of a Maltese souvenir bottle of wine to fruition. This was the third project entrusted by Nuance to Delicata in as many years.

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