The Frizzante label consists of two Delicata semi-sparkling wines that are made entirely from the Islands' indigenous grape varieties unique to Malta. The Brut Frizzante is made from the white grape of Malta called Girgentina and the Rose Demi Sec Frizzante from the Maltese native red grape Gellewza.
Both wines make for the perfect aperitif or celebratory wine. The medal winning Gellewza Rose Frizzante is particularly popular at Maltese weddings and receptions where it is served chilled as the ideal welcome drink.

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Girgentina Frizzante BRUT, I.G.T. Maltese Islands

Girgentina Frizzante is Malta’s original ‘Lifestyle’ Blanc de Blancs made entirely from the unique indigenous white grape variety Girgentina. This crisp, refreshing, fruity dry semi sparkling wine is full flavoured with a creamy, rich mouthful of ‘fizz and fruit’.

Gellewza Frizzante ROSE DEMI SEC, I.G.T. Maltese Islands

Gellewza Frizzante is Malta’s original ‘Lifestyle’ Rosé wine made entirely from the unique indigenous red grape variety Gellewza. This delicious semi-sparkling, medium dry wine is bursting with ripe fruity flavours. A delicate strawberry bouquet is followed by a steady stream of ‘fizz and fruit’.

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