Grand Vin de Hauteville

Over the past years, the Grand Vin de Hauteville wines have won already 23 international medals including Gold, Silver and Bronze awarded at wine competitions held in Bordeaux, Burgundy and London.
This Malta grown range of wines includes an oak aged, full-flavoured Chardonnay, a barrel-matured Cabernet Sauvignon, a Shiraz Cabernet blend, an unoaked aromatic Viognier and a fortified Moscato. The name of the wine Grand Vin de Hauteville derives from the traditional Maltese story of Count Roger the Norman. Count Roger was acclaimed by the royal families of Europe as a forward thinking liberal whose court was regarded as the ideal model in which the ruler combined the skills of his people in the arts. Count Roger arrived on the Maltese islands in the year 1090 and according to tradition, gave part of his Hauteville family pennant to the Maltese people to use as their own national flag. This was given in return for their courage and warm hospitality, something the Maltese people are still renowned for today.

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Grand Vin de Hauteville Chardonnay, D.O.K. MALTA

This lush, full-bodied and soft Malta grown Chardonnay is endowed with ripe exotic fruit and subtle hints of pineapple. This award-winning Grand Vin de Hauteville Chardonnay is oak aged. Described in WINE magazine as: “This Chardonnay introduces itself with an aromatic, spicy nose that follows through on the palate, which also shows full extract and acidity. An individual wine with a decidedly different taste.”

Grand Vin de Hauteville Viognier, D.O.K. MALTA

This fuller flavoured, dry white wine is made from the designer grape Viognier. It is an unoaked, delightfully fresh wine with an appealing floral and peachy nose. It is ripe in the mouth, yet has famously opulent apricot flavours to offer; all blossom-scented with exotic fruits.

Grand Vin de Hauteville Shiraz – Cabernet, D.O.K. Gozo

A full-bodied, fruit packed blend of Shiraz which fills out the middle palate which is dominated by blackcurrant flavours of the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. This barrel matured, robust wine has good length and an elegant finish.

Grand Vin de Hauteville Cabernet Sauvignon, D.O.K. MALTA

This gold medal winning full-bodied and robust Malta grown Cabernet Sauvignon with a proven track record offers true classical varietal character derived from selected hand picked grapes. Described in WINE magazine as “A sweet, fruity nose, flows into a simple palate filled with light black fruits”.

Grand Vin de Hauteville Moscato of Malta, Sweet Liqueur Wine D.O.K. MALTA

Grand Vin de Hauteville Moscato is Malta’s very first ‘home grown’ D.O.K. Malta sweet liqueur wine (15 % Alc. Vol.). A deliciously golden sweet liqueur wine made from concentrated home-grown Moscato grapes. This rich, opulent wine has a lovely honeyed nose with a wonderful, marmalade flavour.

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