Lachryma Vitis

"Life is fine as seen through wine!"
Malta’s best-selling wine brand celebrated its 50th anniversary a few years ago. Lachryma Vitis (tears of the vine) aquires its name from the suffering of the grapevines under the hot Mediterranean sun and is still a household name throughout the Maltese islands. The wine is available in white, red and rose and is produced in both 75cl and 1 litre bottles, 50cl packs and 5 litre and 10 litre bag-in-box. There is also a popular semi-sweet and a luscious aromatised sweet wine available.

Lachryma Vitis Three

Lachryma Vitis White

This crisp, fruity dry white wine is best served chilled and is ideal either on its own or with salads, snacks, seafood, pasta dishes and poultry.

Lachryma Vitis Rosé

This fruity, crisp  rosé wine is a great refreshing wine  ideal on its own or with white  meats, pasta dishes, and pizza. Serve well chilled.

Lachryma Vitis Red

This fruity, medium bodied red wine is a great all rounder and is ideal on its own or with red meats, pasta dishes, pizza, poultry and cheese. Serve at room temperature.

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