Medina (white & rose)

Medina is a collection of unoaked, fresh fruity wines made from hand-picked grapes. The range consists of a Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, a blend of Girgentina and Chardonnay, a blend of Vermentino and Zibibbo, a dry rosé made from Grenache, a Syrah, a Cabernet Franc, a Merlot, a blend of Syrah with Grenache and Carignan, and a Sangiovese from Malta.

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White and Rose Wines

Medina Chardonnay – Girgentina, D.O.K. MALTA

A skilful blend of the Malta grown noble grape, Chardonnay and the indigenous white grape Girgentina. The crispness and the fruitiness of the Girgentina complements the fullness and complexity of the Chardonnay perfectly to produce a refreshing dry white wine.

Medina Vermentino – Zibibbo, D.O.K. MALTA

A delightfully fruit-packed, dry and aromatic white wine with a delicate floral bouquet made from a skilful combination of two Malta grown grape varieties, Vermentino and Zibibbo.

Medina Chardonnay, D.O.K. MALTA

The noble Chardonnay grape grown under the hot Maltese sun has resulted in this white wine of great flavour and finesse. This is an unoaked, fuller flavoured, dry white wine made entirely from the finest Malta grown, hand-picked Chardonnay grapes.

Medina Sauvignon Blanc, D.O.K. MALTA

A crisp, dry white wine with a pleasant, tangy attack.  Fruity flavours of Granny Smith apples with broader flavours of grapefruit and kiwi; all of which are pleasantly laced with aromas of freshly cut grass and nettle.

Medina Rosé Grenache D.O.K. MALTA

A delightful, fruity rosé wine made entirely from hand-picked Malta grown red Grenache grapes renowned for producing top quality rosé wines with flavours reminiscent of black-pepper dusted strawberry fruit.

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