A Family Wine Affair

Posted by on Oct 11, 2013 in The Winemaker's Journal, Winery

Making great wines requires passion and perseverance. And it calls for investment in craftsmanship. No easy way out, it’s a family’s engagement, the commitment of the Delicata family spanning four generations of winemaking.

That is the message of the new TV commercial introducing fourth-generation winemakers Mario, Michael and Matthew Delicata. Together in unison they are poised to keep alive the Delicata legacy of crafting fine Maltese heritage wines of pedigree.

Their father Vincent George Delicata has been at the helm of the company since the early 1970’s and in recent years the three brothers have joined him to play significant roles in the business of making their family’s quality Maltese wine.

Or, as Mr. V.G. Delicata puts it “The fact that we are an independent, fourth generation, family-run winery is very important to us. My three sons are all playing a vital, hands-on, day-to-day role in the future of the wine business my grandfather Eduardo loved and established all those years ago and about which my nonagenarian father Emmanuel is still so passionate. Today I feel proud that our Delicata wines are truly family wines, every step of the way.”